Net Neutrality advocacy strategies shared in Asian digital rights capacity-building workshops

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K.S. Park spoke at Human Rights and Digital Security in Asia: A Regional Civil Society Workshop held in Singapore on Friday, 17 February 2023. The workshop was organised by FORUM-ASIA and hosted by Google Asia Pacific (agenda attached below).

The one-day Workshop explored the state of human rights and freedom of expression amid heightening content regulation policy challenges in digital spaces across Asia. Some of these challenges include the case for open Internet / Net neutrality and the use of data by governments, the use of hate speech, mis/disinformation and coordinated behaviour (particularly during elections), as well as intermediary/platform liability. The discussions was complemented by case studies from participants coming from across the region and a session on conducting effective online campaigns tackling the above-mentioned issues. K.S. Park delivered the case studies on (1) net neutrality movement against “network usage” fee bills and (2) freedom of speech movement against the bills imposing punitive damages on press reports in South Korea (below).




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