The world’s most bizarre court decision: Louis Vuitton’s trademark lawsuit infringing upon consumers’ right to enjoy culture

by | Jan 30, 2024 | Analysis, Free Speech, Intellectual Property, Press Release | 0 comments

Louis Vuitton has won its first round of trademark infringement lawsuits against small repair shops that have transformed tattered Louis Vuitton bags into small bags and purses at the request of consumers. The company pressured hundreds of small repair shops, won most of them to settle, and proceeded to litigate against the last one who refused to settle. Open Net believes that consumers’ ability to customize their belongings and use them for self-expression should be protected as free speech, and that trademark protection should be limited by this constitutional value. Open Net believes that Louis Vuitton’s actions ignored this principle and that the trial court’s ruling is unique in the world. We will continue to vigorously fight attempts to devastate the cultural life of the people through the abuse of intellectual property rights.

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