Media Defence: Southeast Asia Capacity Building for Public Interest Lawyers

by | Nov 4, 2023 | Free Speech, Open Blog | 0 comments

Open Net collaborated on providing a capacity building training to Southeast Asian lawyers on the issues of media freedom online and offline from October 3 through 5. Open Net provided 2 of 4 lectures offered on Day 1 focused on substantive international human rights laws. 20 lawyers participated from the region (about 50% female). Connections were made with the lawyers with commitment to exchange resources and information to organize and defend impactful lawsuits to defend media freedom in Southeast Asia.


K.S. Park gave an overview of digital rights including internet shutdowns, intermediary liability, net neutrality, administrative censorship, and RTBF.


K.S. Park also presented a study of defamation law and how it can be abused by authoritarian regimes and how it is being treated by international human rights laws.



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