Open Net files a FOIA suit against the Korean Communication Commission on net neutrality

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Open Net, a member of the Net Neutrality User Forum, filed a lawsuit to revoke the Korean Communication Commission (KCC)’s refusal to disclose information  on net neutrality discussion for transparency and justice


On Monday, April 1, the Net Neutrality User Forum filed a lawsuit against KCC at the Administrative Court of Korea. The lawsuit seeks to revoke KCC’s refusal to disclose information on net neutrality discussions.

KCC refused to disclose information which includes minutes, stenographic records, and reference materials of the Net Neutrality Forum and the Net Neutrality Policy Advisory Committee, and also those of the mVoIP TF and the draft standard of traffic management. KCC refused to disclose reference materials and the draft on the ground that those are either materials for internal discussion or provided by business entities, and denied the existence of minutes and stenographic records. These reasons were sharply criticized in the complaint filed.

KCC has formed and operated the Net Neutrality Forum and the mVoIP TF since 2011 and the Net Neutrality Policy Advisory Committee since 2012. It has been a matter of dispute because the users were excluded from the discussion which would affect their lives, and no information was available to the public.

The Net Neutrality User Forum commented that the lawsuit is very meaningful in ensuring the right to know and participation of users in the policy-making process, and promoting transparent and equitable management of state affairs. The Forum also demanded immediate disclosure of the information and showed its determination to continue its effort.


Read Korean original here.


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