Open Net begins a petition drive for Citizen-Initiated Audit on Financial Service Commission

by | Apr 2, 2013 | Innovation and Regulation, Press Release | 0 comments

Open Net, after opening April Fool’s day with a hoax announcement that the mandatory certificate use for online payment has been repealed, began on April 2 a petition drive to collect the 300 signatures required for requiring the National Audit Board to conduct an audit on the Financial Services Commission, whose rule-making has required the use of the government-backed certificates for online payments in amounts greater than 300K won (roughly USD 300). Citizens can sign the petition online here.

Under the Korean Anti-Corruption Act, any citizen aged 19 or more may request the National Audit Board an audit on a public institution involved in activities seriously harming public interest or corruptive by presenting a petition signed by more than 300 citizens. The National Audit and Inspection Request Deliberation Committee comprised of officials of the Board and external experts reviews the petition and makes a decision to conduct the audit; the Board conducts the audit according to the Committee’s decision and notifies the petitioners of the result.

Read the full Korean original text here.


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