The Police Must Stop Its Investigation of Defamation of President Moon

by | Aug 30, 2019 | Free Speech, Press Release | 0 comments

Seoul Gangbuk Police Station announced on August 13 that it had initiated international police cooperation process after locating persons who had posted threats to kill President Moon on a online platform called Ilgan Best on August 3. The person in question posted a series of pictures of guns and bullets, and photoshopped pictures of President Moon with the caption “I have obtained illegal firearms to kill President Moon”. Quick police investigation revealed that the picture had been a copy of an old picture that had been posted in a different website in 2015. However, the police is pursuing defamation charges. Open Net calls for an end to such investigations, as it is essentially a revival of old “Insult to Head of State” laws that have already been ruled unconstitutional by the Constitutional Court of Korea in 2015[…]


For more information, please read the Korean original here.


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