Joint Press Meeting for International Experts on Freedom of Speech  

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Druking/Kim Kyung Soo online opinion rigging

1980 Kwangju massacre denial bill

Berlin wall graffiti case

Open Net Korea and People’s Solidarity for Participatory Democracy are jointly holding a press meeting of international experts on freedom of speech to discuss the recent controversies around the Druking/Kim Kyung Soo online opinion rigging case, the 1980 Kwangju massacre denial bill, and finally the Chunggyecheon Berlin Wall graffiti case at 2 pm on April 22, 2019 at the Open Net office (map and directions

The first expert, Professor Andrew Koppelman of Northwestern University School of Law, the inaugural recipient of 2019 Association of American Law Schools’ Hart-Dworkin Award, has published influential works on freedom of speech, LGBT rights, and religion, which have obvious repercussions for the issues that the Korean society faces now.  This segment will continue until 3:30 pm.

Then, the second speaker, Andra Matei, the founder of avantgarde lawyers, an international artists’ rights advocacy organization, will speak on how the pending April 23 trial on Taeyong Chung, the artist who painted a graffiti over the Berlin walls erected on Chunggyechun, should be analyzed under international human rights standards

The event will be moderated by Prof. Kyung Sin Park, Korea University Law School, also the executive director of Open Net Korea.

Consecutive interpretation is provided, and please register your interest in attending here:


For logistics, 02-581-1643,


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