Live Law 10.2.2019. Lawyers From Asian Countries Discuss Need For Stronger Privacy Laws

by | Feb 18, 2019 | Free Speech, ON in Media, Privacy | 0 comments

Lawyers and policy makers from several Asian countries discussed the nature of protection granted to privacy rights by laws in their respective jurisdictions in the second session of the LAWASIA Human Rights Conference held at New Delhi.

Kelly Kim, General Counsel, Open Net Korea, spoke about the importance of impact litigation as a tool to promote human rights in digital age. She spoke about four lawsuits that she is pursuing in this regard. The first one concerns mandatory mobile phone registration, which she noted was violative of right to anonymous communication and privacy, and was a tool of mass surveillance for the state. Her second lawsuit is against warrantless access to user information by investigative and judicial authorities. The third lawsuit is against the monitoring of minor’s smartphones through mobile based applications that are prone to misuse by hackers. Her fourth suit is against telecommunication service providers who refuse to share personal information of subscribers with them, which she noted, violates the right to access to personal information.



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