[Open Net Fourm] Peer Production of Culture and Knowledge: P2P Technology and Digital Democracy

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We know people who are dreaming of and trying to realize a society working on open knowledge and commons. But they do not uprise against the existing system, which is running on proprietary rights on knowledge and information. Dynamic production models through collaborative participation of active individuals have diverse range of examples: free software movements, open access movement in education and science; Wikipedia, open data; free culture and open government; and micro-manufacture by 3D printing. These movements aim at cultural innovation through new kind of democratic and economic participation and laying corner stone for more democratic and sustainable future.

This Forum is to invite people from Korean branch of P2P Foundation and learn their worldwide activities to promote peer to peer (P2P) practices. What would be the implication for “dymanic” korea of their initiatives to expand the P2P culture to every corner of our life?

Peers of P2P are no longer dispersed and isolated individuals. They can reconstruct an individual into networked, cooperative and dynamic self. P2P technologies can also be used in achieving a direct democracy. When interests, preferences and demand of every person can be converged on a single consensus, we can experiment a new model of democracy replacing the existing representative or parliamentary democracy where our representatives no longer represent ourselves. Do the Blockchain technology, a core architecture of the P2P ecosystem really lead us to the another future?

  • When: PM 7 to 9, November 11, 2015
  • Where: Startu Alliance & Space
  • Program
    • Moderator: Heesob NAM (Director, Open Net)
    • Speaker 1: Yejun CHOI – Digital Democracy
    • Speaker 2: Yongkwan CHOI – P2P Foundation and Peer Production
    • Speaker 3: Changgi PARK – Digital Platform and Politics



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