[Open Net Forum] the National Intelligence Service Spying Citizens by Hacking Team’s spyware RCS and Release of “Open Vaccine”

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Internal emails of Hacking Team leaked by Wikileaks show that the spyware has been purchased by national intelligence agencies of 35 countries including the U.S. and Russia. South Korean agency, the National Intelligent Service (NIS), was one of the biggest buyers of Hacking Team and we have lots of circumstantial evidences indicating that the HT’s spyware has been used for spying on citizens. Yet there still remain much suspicions around how many were targeted and for what purposes.

At the timely Open Forum, panelists will discuss legal issues on the state surveillance by using of hacking tool, the way to resolve the illegal activity of NIS, and experiences and reactions of foreign countries and civil society groups. Further this Forum will make public an anti-spyware tool called “Open Vaccine” and developed by Open Net, P2P Lab and Jinbinet through crowd funding.


Time Title Speakers
10:00-10:10 Opening Remarks
  • Heesob NAM (Director, Open Net)
  • Cheolsoo AHN (Member of the National Assembly, New Politics Alliance for Democracy Party (NPAD))


10:00-11:10 Session 1Illegality of Use of Hacking Tools by the Government and the Way Forward Moderator

  •  Jong Kul LEE (Member of the National Assembly, Floor Leader of NPAD)


Main Speakers

  • Dr. Woomin SHIM (Legislative Researcher, the National Assembly Research Service): Analysis on the Illegality of RCS Spying by the National Intelligence Service (NIS)
  • Prof. KS Park (Korea University, Director of Open Net): Limitations on Wiretapping Surveillance in Other Countries and a Legislative Proposal



  • Jimee KIM (Deputy Secretary General, Lawyers for Democratic Society): What should we do with the NIS?
  • Kyoung Min SHIN (Member of the National Assembly, NPAD): National Assembly’s Response to the NIS Hacking on Our Citizens


11:10-11:40 Session 2 Release of “Open Vaccine” Beta Version
  • Heesob NAM (Director, Open Net): Purposes and a Plan of Action for the “People’s Vaccine Project”
  • Anonymous (Developer of the Open Vaccine): Introduction of “Open Vaccine” and how RCS works


11:40-12:10 Session 3 Foreign Cases of Civilian Spying by the Hacking Team  Moderator

  • Heesob NAM and KS Park (Open Net)



  • Nate Cardozo (Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF)): Cases on Civilian Surveillance Using Hacking Tools in Foreign Countries and Reactions by the International Civil Societies
  • Bill Marczak (Citizen Lab): Mapping Hacking Team’s “Untraceable” Spyware


12:10-12:30 Q&A Moderator

  • Heesob NAM (Director, Open Net)





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