Stop making any contingency plan until Gov. understands the nature of NPKI system’s problems.

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Stop making any contingency plan until government understands the nature of NPKI system’s problems.

  • Selective exemption from using NPKI for overseas shoppers or creating technology that allows the use of NPKI without Active X is not a wrong answer.
  • NPKI policy is outdated. The government should not intervene whether the businesses use NPKI or not.
  • The Financial Services Commision (FSC) and Ministry of Science, ICT and Future Planning (MSIP) should not intervene until they understand the demands of the Internet users and the amendment for Electronic Financial Transaction Act.


On March 20, President Park requested a regulation reform on NPKI during the ‘regulation reform checkup meeting’ at the Blue House. According to the press, however, the government is considering retaining the NPKI and granting exceptions only for foreign shoppers or even providing foreigner-only online shopping malls. On the other hand, the MSIP and Internet Development Agency had announced a government led project for developing Active X free accredited certificate.

These measures are the results of the government failing to understand what the problem that NPKI enforcement policy is creating for the Korean businesses and consumers of the Internet, and what the solution is.

The amendment for Electronic Financial Transaction Act (proposed by Rep Kim Jong kul), soon to be passed with bipartisan agreement, is mainly about preventing government intervention on private sector’ decisions on authentication and security technologies. There is no need to differentiate citizens from foreigners and to build a shopping mall solely for foreign shoppers. A foreigner-only shopping mall is a probable idea only in North Korea. It is surprising that even MSIP does not understand the properties of the Internet.

The idea of an ‘accredited’ certificate appeared in the late 90s, before it was clear that Internet would become a new global trading tool. It was created with haste for ‘domestic authentication’ and has been forced upon till now. This is a perfect example of how ignorant government’s policies end up as hindrance to technological development.

Open Net demands the following from FSC and MSIP, and recommend them to stop making contingency plans until these demands are fully understood.

(1) Understand that that removal of accredited authentication policy means that the private sector decides whether to use accredited certificate without government intervention.

(2) The idea of government-run foreigner-only internet shopping mall is simply absurd in liberal democracy and capitalist society. The government should understand that such foreigner-only shopping space is enough with the one in North Korea.
(3) Why is the government in charge of creating Active X free accredited certificate?  Is the government trying to compete against the security companies?
Contact Open Net or Rep. Lee Jong Kul’s office for questions.
(4) Kindly respond to the complaints of angry domestic Internet users.


Please read the Korean original here.


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