Open Net holds a Seminar with MP Kim Yoon-Duk on Open Public Data and Free Use of Publicly Created Material

by | Apr 24, 2013 | Open Government, Open Seminar, Open Seminar main, Press Release | 0 comments

This is the third monthly “Open Seminar” of Open Net.


The demand is rising for opening up the public data for use and thereby facilitating public participation through that data and various services utilizing it. However, standardization of Public data and public meta data is not taking place, and laws and regulations on licensing publicly created material are confusing. On top of that, processing of personal data poses many issues.

Against this backdrop, Open Net co-hosts its third Open Seminar with MP KIM Yunduk, who has been working on amending bills to guarantee free use of publicly created materials. Any person interested is welcomed to attend.


Read Korean original here.


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