Female Cyber Security Expert Training Program Course Registration: 2023 Human Resource Training Course in the Cyber Security Field – 1st Round of Online Course Registration

by | Dec 13, 2022 | Education, Notice, Press Release, Privacy | 0 comments

WISET and Microsoft Korea are hosting the 2023 cyber security expert training course for females to enter the cyber security field. The program is run by the non-profit organization Interlab in partnership with OpenNet. Women who wish to develop careers in the field of cyber security are eligible to apply. The course registration will be conducted over a total of 3 sessions (1st online basic course, 2nd practical training course, 3rd security-related certification course).

*This is a partial translation of Open Net’s original statement in Korean. You can find the full Korean version here. Contact us at master@opennet.or.kr for more information.


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