International Human Rights NGOs support MP Choi’s Copyright Bill

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On Thursday, March 28, eleven international human rights NGOs showed their support of the bill proposed by MP CHOI, Jae-Chun in a jointly signed letter. The bill aims at repealing the three-strikes law and content filtering provisions of the current Korean Copyright Act. This is the first time the groups expressed their position on copyright bills of Korea, and it shows that this unprecedented law of Korean copyright law is drawing international attention.

In the letter, the groups expressed their concerns regarding the three-strikes law, especially the chilling effect it has had upon the users in Korea. Ms. Maira Sutton of the EFF (Electronic Frontier Foundation) said, “We strongly oppose any copyright policy acting as censorship in lack of due process,” and “the three-strikes rule of Korea is the policy stifling free speech and chocking innovation.”

Meanwhile, the National Human Rights Commission of Korea, in its Report on Information Human Rights published on March 27, recommended the three-strikes rule to be abolished.


To read the Report on Information Human Rights in Korean, please click here.


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Signatories to the letter:



Global Voices


La Quadrature Du Net


Demand Progress

Electronic Frontier Foundation

Fight for the Future

Free Press

Public Knowledge


Open Media


ONG Derechos Digitales


* Joint Civil Society Letter in Support of Repealing the Three-Strikes Law


Read Korea original here.


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