Open Net holds a Seminar with Korea University on “Real-Name System, Round 2”

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On Wednesday, March 27, 2013, Open Net holds its second regular seminar, “Real-Name System, Round 2,” with the CLEC (Clinical Legal Education Center) of Korea University law school.

Fight for online anonymity gained momentum after the Constitutional Court’s decision ruling the “Internet real-name system” unconstitutional in August 2012. However, there are still laws and policies infringing on the right to anonymous expression and communication and exposing personal data to a great risk of breach.

The Juvenile Protection Act, which requires identity verification for age-restricted contents, and the Game Industry Promotion Act, which requires identity verification for online games, compel the Internet portals maintain the “identity verification system.” The “real-name system” for mobile phones under the Telecommunications Business Act still remains unscathed. Despite the ban on collecting resident registration numbers after few serious personal data breaches, telecommunications companies and other online service providers persistently request verification in various forms.

Open Net and CLEC have invited experts on the topic from both the public and the private sectors. Importance of online anonymity will be explored, interaction among the Juvenile Protection Act, the Game Industry Promotion Act, the Personal Information Protection Act, the Information and Communication Networks Act, and the Telecommunications Business Act will be discussed, and reforms on current laws and policies will be suggested.


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