Cyber Governance Dialogue in South Korea – 3/25/2022

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– Can we obtain a global privacy agreement?  Is GDPR the best game in town for such agreement? Or CBPR as the US-Mexico agreement has suggested?
– Characterizing cross-border flow as trade makes us lose the flame of human rights. Or is data now a commodity where all the information exchange on platforms becomes valuable big data for targeted advertising?
– Or should the economic aspect of cross-border data flows be dealt with separately through DSA, etc., from the communication aspect which should be governed more under human rights?
– Is difference between EU and US over privacy reconcilable? EU’s privacy focus is more on companies while US’s privacy focus is more on state surveillance.
These were questions and comments exchanged at the Cyber Governance Dialogue in South Korea.
The seminar brought together thought leaders and experts in the field from the U.S. (2), Europe (2), and South Korea (5). The objective was to broaden the scope of dialogue and to create trust and peer-to-peer intimacy among participants as they developed a shared diagnosis of problems and a common analytical framework in this small, intimate convening.

The project was designed and executed by the Global TechnoPolitics Forum in collaboration with Korea Internet Governance Alliances (KIGA) and was funded by the Pacific Century Institute (PCI)

The program was offered in three parts, each part was followed by a round table discussion. Overall, seven presentations and three-panel discussions were offered.

  • Part I: offered a historical background on the evolution of global Internet governance and its institutions involved and discussed the geopolitical implications as well as discussing the complexity of the system.             See the webinar here: 
  • Part II: Explained the development of the Internet and its governance in South Korea.                                                                          See the Webinar here:
  • Part III: Discussed the instruments of governance and geopolitics. These included privacy, content, trade, and security. See the webinar here:


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