Citizen Lab Releases the Results of Its Access My Info(AMI) Project on 5 Asian Countries Conducted In Collaboration with Open Net

by | Nov 29, 2019 | Policy Research, Press Release, Privacy | 0 comments

On October 16, Citizen Lab released the results of its Access My Info(AMI) Project on Korea, Hong Kong, Australia, Indonesia, and Malaysia. The research focuses on how companies that provide internet connection services handle users’ personal data, what types of data are collected, how long the information collected is retained, and whether the information is shared with third parties. Open Net participated in Citizen Lab’s research on Korea. The results revealed that “while South Korea has the strongest data protection laws in the region, the AMI project found superficial compliance to DARs from telecommunication companies. All companies had online data request procedures, but the majority of companies only provided copies of their privacy policies in response to the data access requests.” In response, Open Net Korea filed a lawsuit against Korea Telecom for not providing a complete response to DARs.


For more information, please read the Korean original here or visit the AMI website.


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