Open Net Submitted an Opinion Opposing the Information and Communications Network Act Reform Bill Attempting to Criminalize the Purchase of Tickets Using Automated Programs

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On September 27, 2019, Open Net submitted an opinion to the National Assembly opposing the Information and Communications Network Act reform bill(#2022434) attempting to criminalize the purchase of tickets using automated programs.

The bill criminalizes the purchasing of tickets for profit using “automated programs” with up to 1 year of jail time. Those who purchase tickets using “automated programs” face administrative fines even when the tickets were not obtained to gain profits.

The wording of the bill is not clearly sufficient for the average person to determine what constitutes “automated programs”, and “tickets for shows and sports events” that are banned through this bill. Open Net urges the National Assembly to strike down this vaguely worded bill that aims to criminalize the use of value-neutral technology.

▶Open Net’s Opinion Submitted to the National Assembly (written in Korean)

Inquiries: 02-581-1643,


You can read the Korean original here.


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