Cyfy 2018 – “Insuring Cyberspace and Monetising Risk”

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K.S. Park moderated the following session at Cyfy 2018 on October 4, 2018:

Working Lunch: Insuring Cyberspace and Monetising Risk (Venue: Villa Medici)

Companies are spending an increasing amount on securing their businesses from cyber threats with global expenditure on cybersecurity products and services expected to exceed $1 trillion, from 2017 to 2021. Businesses not only have to manage risk across their own supply chain but also ensure they are not vulnerable to risks arising out of their partners and the ecosystem. How can insurers, as a result, calculate cyber risk and design customized offerings? How can cyber risk insurance be made more accessible to smaller players in the market?

• Caitriona Heinl, Executive Strategist and Lead Strategist for Asia Pacific at EXEDEC International.

• Sundeep Oberoi, Global Head, Information Risk Management, Tata Consultancy Services.

• Gautam Saxena, Head of Strategic Development, Axiata Digital.

• Danielle Kriz, Senior Director, Global Policy, Palo Alto Networks.

• May-Ann Lim, Executive Directo, Asia Clod Computing Association.

• KS Park, Founder and Executive Director, OpenNet Korea (Chair).


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