Open Net Appointed as a Member of the ‘5G Communication Policy Council’

by | Sep 10, 2018 | Innovation and Regulation, Net Neutrality, Press Release | 0 comments

Open Net was appointed as a member of the ‘5G Communication Policy Council’ under the Ministry of Science and ICT. The Council purports to discuss and set policies on issues such as net neutrality, zero-rating, and telecommunication costs that are becoming more important with the advent of 5G technology. In the Council, Open Net will advocate for defending and strengthening network neutrality against the telcos’ proposal for ‘network slicing’ and enforcing the norm on the ongoing, vertically integrated zero rating deals.  The Council comprises of 28 members, 10 representatives from the ICT industry, 13 experts from academia and research institutions, 3 representatives from the civil society, and 2 representatives from the government. The Council is scheduled to be active until March 2019.

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