“Fake News v. False News” – UNSR Kaye Consultation 2017.02.15-17 Wilton Park

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Summary:  International human rights law on “false news” is firm:  Speech cannot be regulated just for being false.  Now, fake news is different, people argue, because deceit is less about content than the source of that content: fake news comes from a site dressed like a professional media organization.  However, there is no evidence that “fake news” is believed by people.  Obama’s Kenyan birth story or Democrats child sex ring story were believed by some people but they were false news, not fake news.  Our solution should remain the same: promote truth.  Before being fearful of falsity, there are so many things that we can do to promote truth, which can be used to crowd out fake news and false news alike: For instance, abolish criminal defamation laws together with “truth defamation” law, etc.

For presentation deck, press here.


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