“ Open Vaccine ” for Android Detecting Hacking Team’s RCS Just Released

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Open Vaccine Description on Google Play


Open Vaccine is a free and open source model anti-malware software designed to detect RCS (Remote Control System), Hacking Team’s spyware used by intelligence agencies in many countries including the National Intelligence Service (NIS) of South Korea. Open Vaccine was, in the first phase, developed for Android smartphones. Open Vaccine does not aim to become a commercial program against all types of malware and spyware. Open Vaccine’s primary goal is to detect the RCS, and hereafter, other malware known to be used to spy on the citizen. That is, Open Vaccine is a program exclusively for spyware used in surveillance by national authorities.

<People’s Vaccine Project>

Open Net Korea, the Progressive Network Center, the P2P Foundation 
Committee for Korea launched the People’s Vaccine Project to develop the Open Vaccine. These organizations took responsibility for the initial development of Open Vaccine, and for further development, made the source code available to the public, inviting anyone with technical capacity to contribute. We believe this the best way to make the Open Vaccine to cover all of the spyware used by the state for citizen surveillance such as Fin Fisher, not only the Hacking Team’s RCS, and other platforms and operating systems apart from Android and Windows. Open vaccine is entirely independent from the national authorities and will prove that the best way to combat spyware used in citizen surveillance is the people’s participation. Open Vaccine is open to anyone anywhere in the world, and the ownership is also open to everyone.

To fund the costs necessary for the development of Open Vaccine, a crowdfunding platform ‘Social Punch’ was launched by the Progressive Network Center at http://www.socialfunch.org/openvaccine2015. Your contribution can make a difference!


Please read the Korean original here.


  1. Carol Olinger

    Does the open vaccine also clean what it detects?

  2. Othelzer

    I downloaded open vaccine on a motorola nexus 6 known to have
    been shipped with androidrcs from factory.
    thru all the updates i have suspected it was still there
    I tried to search with Open Vaccine and the search hangs

    I believe that androidrcs has a protected memory location
    or a hardware memory location that is inviolateable .


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