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The Internet is for everyone. No single entity should be allowed to claim exclusive control over the access to the Internet. Network operators seem to think that merely because they own the physical infrastructure, they should be able to decide who can do what on their network. This is plainly wrong. If no user contributes, no service provider contributes, who would use such an empty, pristine network. Users and service providers should have just as much say as the network service providers in this matter. The market situation, of course, must be taken into account. In Korea, the mobile network is under an oligarchic control of 3 major operators. The need for a sensible policy to coordinate the competing and sometimes conflicting interests of all stakeholders is all the more acute in such a market. Open Net Korea shall endeavour to contribute to shaping of sound policies regarding net governance and neutrality.Video on right: Kim Borami, Open Net Director, on net neutrality at 2013 IGF, at 2 min mark



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