Terms of Donation

1. By agreeing to these Terms and making a donation to Open Net, one is automatically enrolled as a member of “Open Net Friends”.
2. Open Net does not provide to a third party your personal information or donation records.
3. Open Net Friends are entitled to receive all information about Open Net’s activities through e-mail. If you do not wish to receive the information, Open Net will immediately cease sending it.
4. Open Net Friends are entitled to receive our periodic activities reports and fiscal audit reports.
5. You may notice that the payment process does not involve any plugins. All communications conducted during the payment process are protected by SSL/TLS encryption(https communication). These payment methods comply with current laws and rules.
6. Other than becoming members of Open Net Friends and being entitled to the benefits of the membership, Open Net provides no goods or services in consideration of the donation. All donations are unilateral gifts that will be used for public interest purposes. You may receive consequential benefits or harms incidental to Open Net’s activities, which are not in any way in a necessary a priori or a posteriori relationship with Open Net.